Visual Dynamics: Face 2

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I'm a music afficionado and Youtube addict. So for my first post on this fine site I thought I'd address an aspect of art which thus far hasn't been covered on an intense level -- film.

Part of the reason why I love movies so much is because film combines visual art, audio art, spoken art, and written art. It's a conglomerate of sensory stimulation. Just as in the world of illustration and painting, it's hard to believe that two people will interpret a film in the same way, and because film stimulates so much, there are that many more levels on which two people can discuss film and learn from another's viewpoints.

In short, I'm going to be sharing Youtube videos that stimulate the mind. In case you're wondering, no -- I'm not going to show off Eminem's slinky or Kelly's shoes. Nor am I planning on documenting the evolution of dance. Those videos are great, but I want to take this opportunity to expose you good readers to lesser-known, dynamic works of art that are under-praised within the Youtube community, such as the short film "Face 2", written/produced/directed by Amine Bedia.

What I love the most about this little film is the powerful use of light and shadow. Chris is fluctuating on that thin line that makes the border between surviving the car accident and dying from his injuries. The flickering of the lights, the pounding on the door, the distortion of the camera -- all these small elements take this tiny little film and turn it into a suspenseful treat.

I'll be posting every so often with some cool videos, so be on the lookout and be sure to subscribe.

Peace out, homes.

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