Crooked Black Politicians

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One of the realest things my grandfather ever said to me was that the reason black folks can't lead anything is "because we don't listen and we don't do our homework".

One of the realest lines of poetry I've ever heard is by Black Ice, "when a nigga goes from not doin to doin, what can you tell him? not to be a nigga? shit I gots to be a nigga."

So maybe it comes as no surprise that Kwame Kilpatrick pleaded no contest today, agreed to resign as mayor of Detroit, and is going to jail.

The youngest mayor that Detroit has even seen taking office at age 31, lived a life that the hip hop stars he adored would be proud of.

There were mansion parties with strippers, baby mama drama, murder, sex, and of course, Moet.

Maybe all politicians behave like Kwame and it was about race. About jealousy. About a black man reaching the top too young, too quickly, too soon.

Maybe this is all just a set up.

Maybe it is all Sharpe James fault. People looked up to him. One of the best things that happened to Jersey.

Maybe Sharpe showed Kwame the ropes, just like a white man showed him the ropes.

Maybe the bigger they are....

If that is the case then Mims Hackett never had a chance.

Too black, too close, too Jersey.

Then William Jefferson found out that just because you share a name with a President doesn't make you Slick Willy.

Now they even trying to call Charlie Rangel a crook.

Harlem Charles - the hood's Barack before Jay-Z took that title on A Billie.

Maybe Barack Obama doesn't have any Chicago skeletons in his closet. Maybe he will actually be the ONE, and not just one other disappointment.

Maybe he won't have to ever pull a Mystical and say "Cuz all I can tell the police is, I am not a crook."

Maybe he won't be just another crooked black politician.

Maybe he won't be a nigga too.

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CtotheB said...

Wolves guarding the flock smh.

Since they are having the Final Four in Detroit this year, Davidson and its peer institutions should send its students there to do Habitat for Humanity.

P.S. Kwame Kilpatrick hates black people

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