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so the media has had a field day with this.   rightfully so.  barack, respectfully said, "lay off the kids,"  which is respectable because his are wee little ones that unless have some crazy action figure addiction, they're probably clean as sifted corn.  but let's be honest, the kids have been the subject of a lot of scrutiny in the past.  so let's look back and remember the past first kids... any favorites? 


what has really irked me about the Palin nomination is the commentators and anchors wondering how palin would fulfil her motherly duties.  so what happened to the progressive family?  it really seemed like we were back in the 60's and, heaven forbid, there was a women in the workplace.


anyways, this is a just wanted to share with the art star community the magic that was this photoshopping.  i wish i could take credit for it. though i don't agree with making this such a public issue, it was very well played.  and there you have it.  i hope everyone imagines john mccain in the running shorts bouncing like paulie bleeker.

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