langerado: the rewind begins.

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there once was this festival, with ants in cow pies, nights dropping to forty degrees in a swamp, and a constant hissing sound that was soon followed by the collapsing of a tweaker. it had all of the ingredients of a fairytale: the epic hero: a lost acid tripped girl searching for her tent by the big tree in the middle of a giant cow pasture, the wise old man: guy in the van next to us that offered festival sex stories from the beginning days of rock festivals, and three friends brought together for 4 days of musical and personal growth.

these next 9 posts will retell the trek of the three amigos down i-95 to mysterious gravel paths.  instead of being completely commonsensical and doing the shows in the order that we saw them, i'll start from the end and do a momento-type narration.

sol. de la shout out louds.  these scandanavian fellas and fella- ette don't necessarily bring a fun loving feel to their shows that their sound might suggest.  instead, subtle, inside joke smiles prevail their performance as they makes slight eye contact with the others; much more indicative of their sly lyrics and personal vignettes in the songs. 

let's ignore the absence of the subjunctive in "wish i was dead" and move to another song, "100 degrees."  the general plea of a love struck youth watching his lady hit the road without him.  the  confidence of the protagonist, somewhat comical, yet completely representative of the please-don't-go logic, creates a a sinking feeling of the inevitable.  the band picture i used felt like it was the most representative of this plea and air of confidence that the song exudes.


as a final performance, they did not disappoint.  their energy and grins put us in the right mood for a 12 hour trip home.

the blog entries to follow will incorporate stock and personal pictures from the performances. enjoy and leave comments.

Shout Out Louds

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WHayes said...

a baller-ass 12 hour trip home. and still made it to class the next day.

PicturesqueMusiq said...

the driver, the music, and the camraderie all stellar.

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