Hellow Friends

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Hello friends,

It's been a while. Alas, this is because I've been busting ass to get my life in order. I'm pleased to say that I'm about 85% of the way there. This week, I bring you a helping of the things I enjoy, so that you may enjoy them too. I spend a lot of time tearing the assholes of the world a new one, so I figure its best to lay on some positive mojo for the moment.

1) Mad Men - The critics love it, and for good reason: the show is damn good, and an example of what happens when a network (here AMC, a subsidiary of none of the major network shitheads who bring us prime television viewing like the god-awful Knight Rider relaunch or anything reality TV) actually trusts its viewers to be capable of understanding an intricate storyline with a bevy of complicated, but realistic characters. Tonight's episode ("The Benefactor") had a definite "whatthefuckjusthappened" moment which reaffirmed my belief in the power of media to be provocative without succumbing to the lows of...well...anything on BET.

2) The Gold Sounds - Houston-based indie band with a small following and majorly hard-to-find EP. Seriously, I've been looking for the damn thing for about a week, to no avail. Their single "Keep it Rolling" makes me smile.

3) Globe-trotting rich kids who actually have some fucking perspective. I was talking to my friend Matthew Morgan, damn good guy, who went abroad to fucking help people. Not hit up India or some tourist Indonesian country under the guise of furthering understanding, which really just translates to tanning. Way to go rich people, make us fucking proud.

4) The US mens Olympic swim team, and the US womens Olympic fencing team. Go USA. Just fucking rule this bitch. The mens 4x1 freestyle relay just finished, and world records were definitely just broken.

5) The Venture Bros. Go team venture.

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