Hellow Friends, pt. 2

Posted 8/11/2008 by WHayes in

Ok, so I finally found a clip of the "whatthefuckjusthappened" moment I found so memorable on Mad Men last night.

Watch it here, and tell me what you think. Is that hot, or repulsive?

As you can see on the message board the clip is attached to, viewer response is divided. On one hand, such an aggressive...display, of near-violent masculine sexuality and a blatant imbalance in 1962 gender politics is, arguably, pretty damn hot. I'm not sure whether that hand clutched a fistful of dollars or not, but whatever he grabbed up there made for a damn convincing gesture. On the other, that same violence and imbalance is indicative of the subservient condition in which women in this country have been held for a long time. Here the image, always worth a 14-page final paper, is a reminder of the underlying male-centric mindset that some people "have to be reminded of their place." So, friends, tell me what you think in your own words, and, as Don says "do what I say."

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Anonymous said...

the silver fox on the left is thinking, "look at that sweet ass."

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