Bar Tales Chapter 1: Slow Fuck

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This girl once told me that sharks are like God.

She fears sharks but also reveres sharks - and hopes to feel that way about God.

She said that she wanted to be a shark - dangerous, powerful, and beautiful.

She said she wasn't sure about love. That she hates dating. That it is always a roller coaster, and there is never a connection.

She smoked a cigarette and had beautiful eyes.

She said that all she wants to do is get married. That she immediately judges a guy on whether there could be a long term connection.

She said that when she has a connection with a guy she will do anything for him.

But there are no guys like that in this country.

She said she had her flaws.

And I looked at her, stunned by her fragility - how lost she was, how vulnerable, how honest, and we were touching now. In that moment, she saw herself through my eyes and realized that she was no longer just shooting the bull. That somehow she had become deeply honest and vulnerable - and that she had gone too far, said too much.

She got up, went to the restroom, and got another beer.

She lit another cigarette and sat down next to me.

"Any revelations?" I asked.

"No" she said, "tonight I just want to keep things simple."

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Ericka said...

Aw. I'm listening to 'Heartbeats' by the Knife, and somehow it fits very well.

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