Happy Birthday Will Bryan!

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This past season Davidson College Men's Basketball saw the rise of many young stars - Stephen Curry, Jason Richards, and Andrew Lovedale to name a few.

However, there was one more star who, while following the rise of the team, had to deal with his own meteoric ascension - Will Bryan.

Three years ago Will was simply happy to get a job at a bakery.

Now Will works in the Communications department of the Carolina Panthers.

Although best known for his coverage of Davidson basketball by "live blogging" at basketball games, Will loved and covered all sports at Davidson from football to women's club soccer.

The word "covered" does not do justice to Will's reporting style.

He was able to apply in his writing what one hopes to get from a liberal arts education - the ability to think creatively and logically about important issues that - at it's best - transcended sports and delved into deeper issues such as loyalty, community, and celebrity.

Here are some of my favorite posts from Will Bryan's former blog - Will's World:

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We are so happy that Will has joined our talented group of bloggers at Art Star, and we wish him the happiest of birthdays.



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