I am not a hater. I'm just real about things.

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While I will thank Damion "Khak Black" White for supplying my NSFW girl-on-girl quotient for the week, I have to admit that upon first viewing of his unofficial "I Kissed a Girl" remix, I was fairly impressed. The editing was decent and the cinematography itself was well done. there were definitely some discrepancies between the image quality of the jacked original video and the additions Black and his crew added (the additions weren't as pixilated), the initial effect was solid. And the girls were hot. And kissin'.

The trouble came upon a second viewing. Lets be honest: the remix itself blows. A pre-Kanye/Timbaland/Spank Rock/(hell, even Uffie) effort at leaving a recognizable calling card on an already hit song. This remix would have worked, albeit four years ago, before hip-hop did the inevitable and made babies with electroclash. We'd seen this plenty of times before with many a straight-to-your local-"hit music"-station effort. They're great for what they are, and the "Girl" remix is no different. Its great to see a guy you've seen before around Davidson doing big things. And its also great to see white women with nice asses kiss each other, but there's a time and a method for everything, and if Khak wanted to make a splash with this remix (other than a thumbs up from Perez Hilton, whom Lily Allen tore a second asshole a few weeks ago), then he should have brought the fire to match the visuals.

One of the quirks about the original song/video is that, while still being hot, it didn't show women tonguing each other down. On that level, the song poked at the sometimes acceptable homoeroticism between women, while not sliding to a Bang Bros. level portrayal of female sexuality. I suppose this remix video is a lot like Will Smith's Hancock, pretty to look at, with lots of potential, but at the end of the day, you just feel like something's missing.

Watch the video here. Make sure your girlfriend isn't around.

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