The Pro Career of Jason Richards

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Most everyone at Davidson College knew people on the basketball team.

Most everyone at Davidson College knows most everyone else at Davidson College.

The school is mad small.

I had my greatest interaction with Jason during a Biology lab science class we were both in, but never had a random fun moment with him like I was able to have with some of his teammates (Stephen Curry, Andrew Lovedale, and a really random great one that involved Thomas Sanders, John Falconi's cat card, and the President of Connor House).

(fyi...I kinda rock at random fun moments with people...its like my life)

Still, I loved to rattle off the fact that Jason led the NCAA in assists per game and was by far the most underrated player on the team.

So, even though "the world" is following Stephen Curry (and we encourage you to vote for him so he wins an ESPY) - here at Art Star we are going to follow the pro career of Jason Richards.

First things first - Jason is playing for the Miami Heat in their summer league in Orlando right now.

His first "NBA" game was probably a much larger affair than he would have anticipated - over 500 NBA executives were on attendance because everyone wanted to see what the Darling of Davidson had to offer.

Actually, it was also Rose's and Beasley's first time on the court as well and against each other to boot.

Jason was solid in his first game. He played 14:24 minutes, had 2 assists, and hit a 3 pointer.
Miami defeated the Bulls 94 to 70.

His second NBA game saw him doing more with less. Jason played 7:23 and 4 assists. Miami defeated the Nets 90 to 81.

I am actually watching game 3 right now and Jason just checked into the game. The Heat are down to the Pacers 61 to 53 and unfortunately Jason just turned the ball over. Still, I am sure he will recover and have a great game as he adjusts to the NBA and continues to improve his game.

For the latest on Jason Richards and to watch him live click here.

Oh and Jason Richards just drew a foul and hit two free throws.

(p.s. the announcers are ridiculous for the game - I swear to God someone needs to find Will Bryan and get him on the job)

Oh Jason just made a sweet drive to the basket, was fouled, and hit two more free throws.

Redemption is sweet!

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