Hancock turns over new leaf

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It's not often that Will Smith is out of control. Smith has played characters from the ultra-cool "Fresh Prince" to the hip alien fighter in MIB and MIIB and Independence Day and kind of, A.I. and Wild Wild West...and they are always in control. Granted, there are those scenes where a co-star might need to come lend a hand to get him out of a bind, but Smith has always played the man that you can count on. And he's always done it with that air of sanitary, child-friendy humor.

But with movies like Pursuit of Happyness and I Am Legend showing a more complicated Smith who has had to wrestle with inner demons and outer perils, the stage was set for a new brand of Smith character in his latest blockbuster, Hancock.

From the opening scene, we see that Smith is no longer that clean-shaven, on top of things guy...but is a homeless drunk. With an attitude. What? Will Smith drinks? And curses?

Well, yeah. And then as the movie progresses, we see that out of the three principal characters (the other two played by Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman) Smith is probably the most out of control. And unlike most of his other characters, even Smith's insane powers cannot spark a period of self-change and reform. He needs everyone else.

This movie is hard to talk about without spoiling too much of it, but I will say that this movie certainly is another small breakthrough for Will Smith in finding yet another character...and the movie is a pretty unique take on superheroes in this Batman/Hulk/Spiderman/Ironman era.

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CtotheB said...

After seeing this movie, I kinda wish they asked Samuel L. Jackson to play Hancock

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