Brett Favre needs to do Metamucil ads...A Tutorial on letting your moment pass

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Now I should have learned not to pick on Wisconsin's (and Mississippi's) favorite son. Last season during a Cowboys game, I kept making fun of the Packers in front of a group of Cheeseheads in my Student Union. At the time, the two clubs were battling it out for NFC supremacy, and in general, the two have provided NFL lore with a bevy of clubs qualified for "Who's the Best Ever?" conversations. 

My comments weren't even that hateful. I was like, "They should call it the Landry trophy!"  

"Green Bay is trash!" And when Favre got hurt in the first half...."Aww, bring him back out so Ware can knock the dust out of him!"

Laughing at my own joke (cool points?) with a couple other Cowboys fans, I look to my left and see a really salty Packers fan burning a hole through me with his eyes. 

He was like, "Are you kidding?! Brett Favre is the greatest quarterback ever!" and while I kinda agree, he had that look in his eye (plus the deer hunting camoflauge hat) that made me just shut up. But only for like a couple plays, then the hate continued.

Flash forward to this week when I read, "Brett Favre has got the itch." I'm gonna say it the way it needs to be said. Favre needs to go ahead and do AARP commercials and leave football while he can still walk away. 

I understand it's his passion, and of course he was amazing at it. But his glory days are over. Poor Aaron Rodgers over there looking like Memphis Bleek, just waiting for Big Homey to let him get some shine. It's not healthy for Green Bay's nostalgia to further stagnate Rodgers' potential. Nor is it healthy for Favre to even consider coming back. To make it worse, ESPN published one of the dumbest articles I have ever read, where they comb through each team seeing if Favre would fit. Blessing us with one liners like, "New England: No Chance." 

Don't get me wrong. I am not a hater. I'd even put Favre as one of my favorite players ever. Even last season was incredible for him. But look at the last game he played. At home against a Giants team that NO ONE saw as the future champs. (Tell the truth now.) 

Who cost them that game? Was it not Favre who chokedly threw a pick that set up a game winning field goal? (Rhetorical.) 

Granted, last season allowed him to break a couple of Marino's records and cement his place in all conversations about the G.O.A.T, but isn't that the way you want to finish? Riding out into the sunset, not being put to sleep by your fickle fanbase.

Nothing burns more than the premium professional sports place on youth. Folks are quick to forget "the glory days" if you start the season 1-7. When Green Bay was struggling a couple seasons ago, I was shocked to see how gentle folks were treating Favre. Perhaps Wisconsin is a different place, and they are actually loyal to their sports heroes. (New Yorkers please take notes at this time.) But I would doubt their sanity if they welcomed Favre back with open arms at this point. What else does he have to prove?

Favre has played most of his career through injury, can you imagine the pain he is in from day to day? Doesn't he wanna be able to open a jar of peanut butter in five years? 

Although Favre has denied "the itch" and played it up as rumor, he should heed the examples of his peers in hip-hop and wrestling. (Bear with me) In both entertainment fields, like football, youth is cherished. No amount of glory can cover the ugly truth that your moment in the sun is over. No one wants to see Hulk Hogan's leg drop anymore, and too many youngsters don't even know Ice T made "Cop Killer." 

Do your fans a favor and don't call any GMs. Take it from me Mr. Favre, you are now a bronze bust just waiting to be shipped to Canton. 

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