The Spray On Condom: Beware Of Cups

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Hi Art Star pham, welcome to another edition of Art Star's Official relationship column "The Spray On Condom"

First, to set the mood for this column, listen to this poem/song by John Legend called "Again"

One of the things The Spray On Condom will do from time to time is to introduce new relationship terminology.

Today we will introduce the concept of "The Cup".

Some girls (and guys) are cups.

The girl in the John Legend piece is a cup, and the guy is also quickly on the way to becoming a cup.

A cup is a person who is emotionally empty and needs some sort of emotional nourishment from you.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being a cup - we all are to a certain degree.

Yet some people are larger cups than other.

Some people, for a variety of reasons, are really empty, and they feel that they need something in their lives, something to complete them, and that something might just be you.

You tend to have to constantly talk to cups, to reassure cups about themselves, how you feel about them, listen to their problems (cups always have problems), and just try to fix them (usually more like patch them together) emotionally.

Once again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing - we have all been broken from time to time.

However, the danger with cups is that you might become more concerned about their emotional well-being/recovery/growth than they are.

At this point you have set yourself up for hurt and disappointments.

You have invested so much of yourself into trying to fill this empty cup, that when they decide for whatever reason they don't want to be filled or that they are incapable of being filled by you - all you are left with is the drained shell of yourself.

Then you become a cup as well.

Which is the greatest danger of all - cups tend to create more cups.

So, the next time you meet a girl or a guy, no matter how beautiful, charming, witty, and intelligent they are, try to find out if they are a cup - and if they are take a long hard look at yourself and make sure that you have enough to give.

If not, it might be in everyone's best interest for you to move on.

Example of Cup used in a sentence:

Guy 1: That girl Kristin is really pretty and fun. I think I might ask her on a date.
Guy 2: Yeah she is a real cool girl, but be careful dawg, she's a cup.

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