Just when you count them out...

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The Boston Celtics find a way not to become the latest and greatest choke artists from New England. 

I have been complaining all playoffs long about the disappearance of Jesus Shuttlesworth. Where has he been? I know I'm not the only one who remembers the days when Ray Allen could open the skies and let the trifectas fall. He's shown flashes of brilliance this season so I know it's not a question of age. (And you can't complain about age when you're on the same roster as E.T

In Game 5, the Celts managed to escape another comeback from the Pistons--though they almost blew a 14 point lead--and now look on the verge of making this commercial seem that much more legit. (Talk about pressure--can the city of Boston manage another team to achieve greatness in all fields except for the one that matters?)

To be frank, the NBA, and consequently America, needs the Celtics to win the Finals. It's the greatest story out of the 4 teams we have left in the playoffs, and it guarantees that the NBA is back as the illest professional sport our great country has to offer. I'm personally pulling for a Celtics-Spurs showdown but it looks like the powers that be will get their way.

Either way, I won't complain. I just hope that L.A's success coupled with Boston's resurgence only means that Stern's dream will come true and the "World's most famous arena" will soon matter again.

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