Shut Up and Listen to This

Posted 2/18/2011 by Brandon Wainerdi in Labels: , , , , ,

            Apparently desperate to cover air time, the leaders of the local college radio station have granted me my own two-hour time block to mess around on-air and play songs that no one has heard of.

            Tongue-firmly-in-cheek, I decided to name my show “Shut Up and Listen to This” (which can be heard from 10AM-12PM on and put all my cards in. So far I have yet to be banned from the airwaves.

            This past Monday was my first broadcast and I was able to divert from my usual Beatles/Jason Derulo/John Williams playlist to focus on a more eclectic mix. Any suggestions for future broadcasts are welcome in the comments below.

            Now, as my show title suggests, shut up and listen to these songs. Please?

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic mix! Thank you!

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