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 "My Poetry's deep, I neva fail..."

I've kept up with Daniel "Diggy" Simmons since Run's House. I was impressed by his ambition, smart ass mouth, and his sense of style so I started following his blog. He's pure proof that the youth has the power to influence entire cultures. Diggy changed the scope of the hip hop dynasty; unlike most privileged children who occupy their time with spending a large portion of their parents money, Diggy used his established connections to pave his way in the innovative east coast rap industry.

I'll never forget my reaction to his first major track "Flow Stoopid", a cover of Nasir Jone's (aka Nas) "Made You Look (They Shootin)", my uncle sent me the download via email, and I remember thinking..."Finally" (you know...that inner sigh of refreshing relief when you hear music worth listening to.) He introduced a clean and clever take to a recognizable classic, he brought back that 90's hip-hop sound, and he's done the same with "Digg is Like.." from his latest Mixtape PastPresentFuture.

Produced by DJ Premiere, this track is dope; although Diggy's lyricism still leaves much to be desired, his flow/style is impressive and classic east coast. I am interested in seeing where his career will lead him and how his rhymes will develop as he continues to grow as an artist.Check "Digg is Like" below...

What do you think? Is he a hip-hop hopeful or are his self-centered lyrics a sign of the same old?

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