Nebula Music: Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi & DO! DO! DO! Remix

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There's nothing cool like a female MC bold enough to step up in the male dominated rap scene. 

Kid Sister is a Chicago based rapper who creates music for the dance floor, known for her 2008 track Pro-Nails ft. Kanye West, she has recently debuted her first mixtape KissKissKiss.

Kid Sister has an 80's hip-hop/techno sound, like a mix between Ke$ha and Diamond. Although I have my qualms with many female rappers who opt for materialistic or hyper-sexualized and self-centered  images instead of using their work to preempt positive change, I recognize that it's got to be tough out there for them, trying to be everything to everyone while having to deal with the dilemma faced by most modern artists today: make art that's meaningful or make art that sells?

Kid Sister has obviously decided that getting people to dance is what matters most. I'm a pretty big fan of  80's rap/fashion and the Chicago music scene so her latest single "Right Hand Hi" is right up my alley. Although some of her lyrics are a bit materialistic, she makes fun music I can dance to, whether I'm with my girls or dancing in my room while trying on my "at home/girls-only" party dresses .

Also Check Out Laidback Luke's sweet remix of  DO!DO!DO! from KissKissKiss below.

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