Runway Giveaway [Event Tickets]: Abi Ferrin-Selflessness is the New Red

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Abi Ferrin Fall 2010 Collection

In 2006, Bono, humanitarian and lead singer of the band U2, was quoted saying that society basically knows nothing about "justice"; he described justice as a true selfless dedication to a cause, while charity as just a single action that makes no real difference, something that people do just to feel good about themselves.  Bono (in all of his humility) failed to acknowledge that justice begins with charity, and consistent charity starts with a single selfless act. Although I don't completely agree with his statement when it comes to the worth of charity, I do feel his sentiment. Sometimes selflessness is harder to find than refreshing drink of pure water in the thick of the sahara. Many people give only to receive, with the sole intention of banking in on some sort of benefit. Selflessness is made out to be this profoundly difficult concept when giving for the sake of improving the lives of others is actually as easy as integrating a single charitable purpose with your daily passions.

Designer Abi Ferrin's Fall 2010 line is free spirited and daring, mixing classic fabric cuts and drapery, bold prints, and tribal accents. Now known for her popular "5 way top", Ferrin quit her sales job after her work was noticed during an industry party at Kitson Boutique, and began satisfying her aspirations to become a designer. Her line, which has been featured in US Weekly, Lucky and D Magazine is effortlessly stylish. My personal favorite is the holly dress, smooth red color and asymmetrical lines complemented by a chic belt that adorns the waistline; it's these unique accessories that make the Abi Ferrin line a stylish brand of philanthropic proportions.     

Abi Ferrin Fall 2010 Collection
The Designer gives back through the Abi Ferrin Freedom Project and her partnership with Gods Green America which "mobilizes green accountability" and supports her efforts in creating eco friendly clothing. The freedom project "focuses on providing oppressed women with; training, fair pay, food and shelter" while giving them the chance to practice their craft by hand making the cultural details seen in her collection. "The micro-businesses that are created due to this training also fund foster care and quality education for children rescued from slavery, women and children rescued from prostitution, and other abusive environments." The Freedom Project is primarily based at Guardian Village in Nepal, but Ferrin is currently extending the proceeds from her brand to orphan rescue organization Vision Trust, continuing the trend of using her passion for a greater purpose.  

Ferrin was able to realize her artistic dream, thus give to the lives of others through an investment from Texas Next Top Designer (Texas' very own "Project Runway" sans "reality" TV cameras). The 2007 title winner proved best in the competition which pits the collections of aspiring designers against each other in a series of board examinations that test every facet of their brand from business plans to individual pieces for the chance to win a generous grant and investment support. Last years' winner was lingerie designer Megan Summerville, an innovator and entrepreneur who has been featured in D magazine for her bridal line Something Blue, and the recipient of Austin's Love a Local Business grant.This year Red iD Agency is hosting an event to display the submissions of TNTD hopefuls before the competition commences and they've decided to open it up to the public.

Win Tickets to the Feel Good Event

Next weekend, Saturday 22, Red iD Agency will be hosting fashion to give everyone a peek at this years' contestants' entry pieces. The runway show and feel good event will commence to the sounds of DJ and musician Danny Garcia (has spun for The Roots percussionist ?uest Love among many others) who will be spinning tracks throughout the night in Dallas' 25,000 sq ft. Zouk club. As if this couldn't get any sweeter...the work of emerging visual artists’ Chris Cast,  Alonzo Smith III, and Tuan Vu will also be on display during the event.

I'm expecting this show to be near to fashion week proportions. I'm interested in seeing what these competitors are going to bring to the table, judging by the work of Abi Ferrin, this show is going to be seriously dope...

To win these tickets:
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2.Post a comment below telling us one selfless act that you're going to perform this week (remember to be signed in so that we know your gmail account username.) 

Giveaway ends Wednesday night 12:00am! Improve your chances at winning by having whoever you plan to share the tickets submit a comment as well. *Special thanks to Green Bandana Group and Teresa Nguyen of RediD Agency for the tickets (visit RediD Agency site to RSVP by Tuesday, just in case you don't win!) 

Fashions fade, style is eternal. (and giving never goes out of style)
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