Dear Diary: The Earth is not a cold, dead place.

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This character holds many regrets in life, like us all, however, he has allowed life to severely distort his perception of Earth.

Dear Diary,
I felt the cold brush of the wind against my quivering ribs. The dogs never seemed to quiet down. I walked alongside the broken homes, the children screaming, the wives weeping. Nothing seemed to be right anymore. The neighborhood bled, and the sky fell onto the battered pavement. Everything grew dark as my fear boiled. Everything froze, forever still. I broke through the shards of clouds and bullets of rain, attempting to grasp what had happened. The Earth stood still; it was cold, dead. All eyes rested on me, a hopeless, miserable being. I felt the great weight on my chest. It was all my past mistakes, the undying misery. It was the beloved friends I left behind, the lover I tossed aside, the dying I did not save. And in one breath, it all consumed me.
I was a maniac, incapable of reasoning. I felt my lungs being pulled towards the ground, my ears ablaze, my head pierced by contempt. My eyes, they rolled over to the back of my head, as though attempting to see into a fearful mind. The excruciating pain was taking its toll and the only thing I could think to do, was run, run until my legs gave up. I eventually arrived across town. The buildings, they wept for a charge of motion, the people rushing, the couples arguing, the elderly clinging to their scripture.
I felt a great absence, then all of a sudden, I could see. Abruptly, I felt the warmth creep back into my fingers. The redness flowed back into my cheeks, and love flowed into my heart. The sun glistened onto the falling sky, which now sparkled exquisitely. The birds, they fluttered in song, pleased to feel the wind through their feathers. The wind whispered a sweet anthem of affection. And finally, the people, they began to move, to listen, to love. Life and color cascaded onto Earth, filling each crevice of its form.
That day, I felt the intensity of the world and everything in it.
That day, I learned to embraced the heartache which allows us to comprehend its great beauty.
That day, I saw that, the earth is not a cold, dead place.

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