College Airwaves - Ham Radio's intro to "Comin' Back To Me" by Jefferson Airplane

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The sudden change of weather in Dallas has me in the mood for early spring and Comin' Back To Me by Jefferson Airplane definitely soothes my hunger for tulip fields, kite flying and good music made with genuine instruments. Most mainstream artists today have abandoned the beauty of musicianship in exchange for synth and protools, possibly due to the increasing lack of patience in world society. There's nothing sweet for the soul like taking the time to master a craft. This 1960's psychedelic band will not only inspire you to slow down but also to notice the intricacies of the word and the people around us that often go unnoticed in the neverending rush hour.

I was introduced to this song by VJ Evelyn Garza's show, H.A.M Radio on the Radio UTD circuit. College radio is a great way to get in tune with a few classics, and some undergroud/indie tracks that don't get a lot of mainstream airplay. Check out her show on Wednesday's and delve into the vintage goodness of Jefferson Airplane below.


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Anonymous said...

Ah one of my fav's from Jefferson Airplane, it gives me a very sublime feeling :D. Anyways great job posting great songs like this, keep it classy you guys.

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