It’s The Light, It’s The One.

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Sometimes we find ourselves creating a world in our music. It’s as if the artist intended for us to make our own interpretations. I find myself doing this a lot, particularly when listening to instrumental music, which has no words to influence our thoughts… I was riding the bus home and I had just seen a person which I find extremely interesting and inspiring. With nothing else to do, and feeling inspired, I took out my Blackberry and began writing to the song, Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky. Before you begin reading this, I want you to begin playing the song...
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A strange sense of loneliness is beaming from your face, yet it is unwelcoming. You tell me no one can unscramble the power which flows through your mind, a great, threatening force which intimidates the boldest of men. It shuts out the loudest of women and creates terror in the most naïve. Head strong you snare at the fools that find joy in the most idiotic tales, take pleasure in the shallowest of beings, and find adoration from the most oblivious.
The cold seasons are now upon you, cautioning your body to keep warm, drying your skin, forcing you to protect your neck from the wind's brisk kisses. You're a severe critic, you are, what with your pensive stare and warm, yet cutting eyes. The sun outside is embracing your mind, keeping your thoughts from dying, such as your heart has been for the past years. I sense great fear, fear of compassion, fear of exclusion, fear of any form of love. Consequently, you are aloof, apathetic, and often without emotion, because with emotion, comes vulnerability. For such a courageous person, you are indeed a fearful one. You believe you are strong, yet base your perceptions only on what can be seen. You fail to look beyond what is here. There is so much more in our world aside from the blunt truth, like the kind acts of strangers and the love for the people who harm us. It’s the embrace of the sun on a chilly winter morning, and the hands of friends which keep us from falling into desperation. It's the feeling we embrace when everything is going terribly, yet we feel a force which encourages us to go on and fight.
You are young. You are pure. You are a child of the universe.

At times, I sense that you are in waiting, waiting for someone to change your whole perception, yet you do not know this... To warm a freezing child, you take him in your arms and hold him, exchanging energy, love, acceptance. Sometimes, we just need a reminder that love is always there. We may not see it. We may not hear it, but we sure as hell can feel it.

Explosions In The Sky is an instrumental post-rock band from none other than Austin, Texas. Consisting of only a set of drums, and three electric guitars (sometimes exchanging one for a base guitar), you will find their elaborate, yet simple sounds to be quite intoxicating.
EITS's music was featured on the show, Friday Night Lights, so if you're a fan of the show, some songs may already be familiar to you. Also, to my surprise they have been featured on a couple of Reliant Energy commercials, as well as others and a few films ...
It's been about four years since I began listening to them, and they have yet to come to Dallas. Hopefully one of you will have the opportunity to catch them live. I've heard they show great passion on stage.

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