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[Philippe Bertho et Filthy.GRITS]
Proclaimed French Pop Illusionist, Philippe Bertho stopped in The D this past weekend.Whilst currently on his 3rd U.S. tour with The Martin Lawrence Galleries.Although he has a particular attachment to vibrantly saturated colors for his works [Fluorescent pink being ranked far beyond most in this series], the dark neutrality of rich browns and deeply dyed European denim where.
Somewhat of a welcome chance for the eye to rest,yet still conduct intrigue.
His mastery of the "trompe-l'oeil" painting style, may have been the sum, in terms of aesthetic deception.

[Philippe Bertho.La Madone. Lithograph]

[Philippe Bertho.Selfinopode.Serigraph on Canvas]

[Philippe Bertho.Je Vole.Serigraph]

[Jesse C.Local artist/muscian]
Jesse however.
Was definitely the ends.
[Completely buzzed undercut.Example"AYE"]
It's no surprise that this local Surreal Pop artist/musician was drawn to Bertho's work. Especially, since he's currently working with different painting mediums.

[Bertho's comment on Jesse's H&M tee.Caused a culture machine kind of reaction.]

["SWISS".Actually more French in this context.]

For more information on Philippe Bertho's current tour.


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