Behind The Pink Hair: An Interview With Jen Shu

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Art Star has been interviewing several artists leading up to the grand opening of the Green Bandana Project Friday July 30th at the Arts Apartments in Dallas' newly renovated arts district. Consider it an update to our Clicking Around With Music series

Art Star sits down with photographer Jen Shu and talks about making it as an artist, the Dallas art scene, Lady Gaga, sticky notes and more.

Art Star: What motivates you to be an artist?

Jen Shu: The world, the people, and the creation around is like a sensory overload that I try to capture in one photo or project.

Art Star: Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process?

Jen Shu: My process usually starts internally with an idea or a spark of an image in my mind, and from there I'll either write it down or immediately start thinking of how to create it. For example, on a family photo shoot, sometimes I'll get an idea in my mind, and immediately begin to make it happen. Other times, with more complex projects - I stew for hours on one thing and watch it unfold.

AS: How do you think your art has evolved over the past year?

JS: I think I've begun to really create with more of a purpose in really bring to life the ideas & creativity that is within. AND I feel that I'm starting to narrow down what I'm really good at. I'm also continuing to make sure that my CLIENTS voices & visions are heard before my own. I've really been taking the time to listen and create more and more.

AS: What's your favorite camera to use?

JS: I have recently begun using the 5D....and LOVE IT. It gives me a creative range that I've not had before...and I've only had it a month! The images are so different than all my other cameras combined!

AS: So pink is sorta your signature color, how did that come about?

JS: It was funny! When the singer Pink first came out, I dug her look, but it was not time for me to "go there". My inspiration came from a friend of a friend who had her hair a gorgeous magenta. I had felt like I wanted to go with that color for a while, and after asking her how she did it? I jumped out and did it. It has become my "normal" color ever since. I did a lot of research on the color before doing it! :) :)

AS: Who do you think is (are) revolutionizing art?

JS: My FIRST inspiration was and always will be Blue Man Group. Their simplistic view on sensory overload led me to this path where my creativity began to flow. It reminds me to approach art with a child-like manner...and not take it too serious.

My 2nd and more current inspiration has been Lady Gaga. She is sensory overload on STEROIDS. She is a living, walking & breathing art piece to me. I have never been so opened to watching someone live their dream and make things happen on a regular basis, regardless if anyone understands it, SHE as an artist making it happen. (In so many ways!)

AS: I love Lady Gaga. What are your thoughts on the Dallas art scene?

JS: I think the Dallas art scene is something I am only just now exploring and getting to know. I know that from what I've seen so far, I would like to see MORE of what Dallas has to offer.

AS: Where do you stand with art as a career? Full time? Part time with a random side job? How have you been able to make it over the years? Advice for the starving artist?

JS: I was laid off from my full-time job in 2008 to become a photographer full-time. I am mostly able to do what I do with the support of my husband. To do what we do, you HAVE to be motivated, dedicated and willing to learn things you wouldn't normally learn! If you are a single (unmarried) artist - I say, if this is your calling - make it happen! Your lifestyle doesn't have to be extravagant to live your dream. If you are married or have a partner to fund you? All the better! I just encourage EVERYONE to follow their dream and do whatever it takes! It is the most fulfilling thing you will do here on earth. :) :)

AS: If you were a sticky note what would you be stuck to and what would it say?

JS: Ok if I were a sticky note....I would be stuck to God...and it would say..."gotcha". :) :)

AS:Is there anything else that you would like to tell our readers about your art or about you personally?

JS: My vision and my to inspire you, encourage you and help you to aspire to be all you can be. I attempt to express this in all the art forms that I flow in...and when I work with people. I truly am there to help you! When my budding art pieces come out in this next year, I actually hope to inspire even more than before so that what is in my heart WILL translate effectively to the eyes seeing them. You won't wanna miss it. :) :)

You can check out more of Jen Shu’s work here. And meet her in room 6050 at Green Bandana Project.

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Elena said...

I was so inspired by this artist that I created a google account to comment! The "Q's" were good and the "A's" were great. I am looking forward to attending this event. Thanks!

rarmai said...

this turned out really amazing! thanks for the questions, they were really really great. :) Esp. the sticky note! hahaahahah

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