Know What I Know Chapter 1

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A Problem Like LeBron

Quick Takeaway: If you are really good at what you do, is it inevitable that you will leave an established firm. What makes a larger than life-personality need their own stage?

To Run A Business Better, Rethink Its Playscript

Quick Takeaway: More and more business is recognizing the need for creativity, and the creative process in their strategic planning. Creatives should be doing more to take advantage of that to turn their passions into careers.

How To Create A Corporate Culture of Innovation

Quick Takeaway: Innovation doesn't just happen. It is fostered, and it happens most often when information is freely shared, when people don't see themselves as doing just one thing, but learn how to play other positions, and when risk-taking is rewarded and not punished.

For Interior Designers, D.I.Y Philosophy Extends To Web Magazine

Quick Takeaway: These are things I have been thinking about for years. Maybe one day Art Star will get there, but we need your help. More writers, more editors, more photographers. Message us and join the team.

The End Of Email

Quick Takeaway: I definitely don't think email is going away anytime soon. Chat is great but the record keeping component is difficult, and the sorting component (what is just dirty jokes between friends and what are the million dollar ideas) even more so. Email can be focused, is easily searchable via google, and give you a chance to organize your thoughts in a way you simply can't do in real-time.

Mobile - It's Not Just For Out-Of-Home Anymore

Quick Takeaway: I have been saying this for going on a year now, but if you aren't thinking about mobile, you aren't even in the game.

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