Point and Shoot: Waking Up Early Is Hard

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Sunrises and sunsets are simple guarantees for photo-ops.  I'd say they're the best models in the world.  You know where they'll be, when they'll be there, and they're free.  But no matter how consistent they are, you have no idea what is going to happen when they do arrive.  How overcast will it be?  Mosquitoes, really?  And for sunrises, the ever annoying, alarm clock.

These pictures were over two days and countless hits of the snooze button.  Can I mention that the definition of sunrise is incredibly broad and covers a ton of time.  The first day, the internet said 5:42 sharp.  Lies.  Sure it was starting to get light outside, but there was a solid hour and thirty minutes of wondering if the sun was going to come up today and if it had taken the day off just to spite me.  It was worth the wait.  The black and whites were a function of the waiting time the first day.  I don't think that it worked here but there is something very special about being able to nail a sunrise/sunset scene in black and white.  Eliminating the need for "pretty colors" and simply marveling at the sun's progression below the horizon (yes, the world is flat and the universe revolves around us, meh).

Quick things I learned.  Slower shutter speed = more defined sun, and effects on the skyline.  There was less of a chance for me-shaky-old-hands to screw up the crisp outlines of the sun creating a definitive golden border behind the clouds. Also, I enjoyed the natural vignettes created by the large amounts of light contrasted with the peripheral darkness.  The top picture highlights that very well.  Other than cropping and slight rotations, these pictures are as is.  Just didn't feel like they needed that much editing, so why not go all natural? Enjoy.  Also, we have lightbox working again, so click on the pics for more fun.

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katelin said...

So, true. So, true. Sunsets are hard to wake-up for. The other night, I was restless so I drove four hours to Charleston just to watch the sunrise on the beach. Sometimes, you just need that. The sun, the beginning...just the whole thing, it heals me. Glad you're putting this out there to share.

PicMuse said...

Agreed. I do enjoy how you didn't have to wake up for the sunrise. Staying up is so much easier.

I think the combination of water and the beginning of the day is metaphorically and spiritually rejuvenating. Not to mention, you don't feel like you've wasted half of your day sleeping in.

CtotheB said...

That black and white sunrise is so dope, good stuff.

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