Night Again

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There's a writer, Michael Ventura, who had a column entitled "Letters at 3am." published in the LA Weekly that I followed for the many years I lived in the city of angels. I mention it because he crossed my mind very early this morning after tossing in bed riding tears into the depths of uncomfortable emotions....not sure quite what set it off...well yes I do, but am not goin' public. Just to say there I was, spinning out. Then, as the ride began to subside somewhere around 2am or so, I flashed on Ventura.... how his creative writing often arose from or at least spoke of deep uncomfortable places, often arriving poetically at the epiphany of understanding or awareness.

Feeling exhausted, oddly energized but wordless in the darkness, I looked again toward the wall of windows that I suddenly realized had provided a visual landing strip for my mind each time it took off like a leaf in the wind of autumn. I recognized the shadows on the shades were visual mantras.
They pulled me to them, alternately soothing my agitation and urging me on to allow the exploration into this chapter of darkness.... to proceed into the eye of the hurricane, so to speak.

Feeling gratitude toward the beauty of the shadows on these screens, I set up my tripod and camera to pay homage to what I recognized to be a source for meditation visualization.

Om Shanti - Peace

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