Trapped Spirits - Part 2

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Art, by it’s nature examines, challenges, reflects, informs, imagines.

We attempt to change society/culture with poetics…..shifting the mind of the viewer to crack open the shell of preconceived notions, complacency…Art attempts to present ways of shifting perceptions, even for a moment, into a new way of seeing or understanding.

My photographic explorations mainly touch on confronting that which is concealed, hidden, masked. I’m of the belief that only by knowing our deepest intrinsic nature, our essential Self, can we cut through the illusions of our world with all that it brings with it.

I believe objects are imbued with an intrinsic vibration/energy when created and it is amplified over time by interaction with people or environments . Dolls and figurines that are associated with human forms are perfect totems or talisman that often reverberate with energy absorbed or infused by being played with, or being placed for a period of time on a shelf or table in a room of a home.

Sometimes love and feelings of nurture and positive power of healing emanate from objects….and sometimes fears and pain are trapped within. By observing that which is uncomfortable within ourselves we have the opportunity acknowledge that darkness and dispel it with the light of understanding.

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Todd Tinkham said...

Thanks for posting these, Ellen, and for writing such strong passages. I can't wait to see some of these blown up and hanging in a gallery. They surely will catch attention.

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