Bar Tales Chapter 15: Bottles

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If I could be anywhere it would be between your legs
head bowed offering praise to the Lord above
for allowing mere humans to feel such pleasure.

If you told me to pack up the scattered physicality
of my life and go west to climb mountains
I would sing songs to you as we traveled down the highway

If you needed someone to catch your nightmares
I would stand guard over your sleep

I would wrap myself around your muscles like a fur cloak
when you are cold or lonely
I would never try to solve your problems
but just listen to you talk about your day

I would hold your hand if you let me

For you I would surrender to the wind
and to pink bicycles and blue shoelaces
I would paint paintings that would make you think of God
and write notes to make you quiver during work

I would be everything passionate
everything unpredictable
I would not be neat or tidy
I would make you stretch in ways you can barely imagine
and go to sleep by counting each eyelash

I will rejoice with you in the summertime
and pick flowers for you during the spring
At the dawn of every morning
I can promise you only today

I cannot promise you a house or a picket fence
or a canopy to hold a thousand stars
all I can give you is silence
and moonlight, and sprinklers, and fall
and beating hearts, and eyes filled with joy

I can promise you myself
every fiber, every thought, every pound,
every emotion, everything good, everything bad
I can add to your life exclusively
I can toss your bottle into the sea

I guess what I am saying is
dear lover
I can just be

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