Why Couldn't We See THESE During The Super Bowl?

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Why couldn't they show these ads during halftime?

Chris Burton (ctotheb) and I had an extended conversation about this over the weekend, but I need to reiterate for you, my fellow Stars: Nike is the undisputed champion of corporate advertising. I've never seen any brand sell anything the way Nike sells sports. You can't watch their "Human Chain" ad and tell me you aren't strangely invigorated, with the sudden urge to get up and be more active:

There is some beauty in premiering the ad during the Olympic opening ceremonies as they did: you have a captive audience primed for a glorious spectacle, yet what makes that any different from the Super Bowl? Over 106 million people tuned into the game, all looking to believe in something. Why not let 'em believe in your brand?

Then there's Old Spice, offering up a welcome and even mature antidote to the infinite dude-ism of Axe beauty product ads:

You can't deny that, barring you just made some lovin', those were probably the most enjoyable, shirtless 30 seconds of your day. We may not have gotten anything as funny or inspiring a few weeks ago, but if this is how the majority of 2010's branding will look, I think we're in for a good year.

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