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Valentine's Day is a day that you spend with "that special somebody", a crush, or by yourself wishing you had somebody to hold in your arms. I took some time out and thought about what would be on my Valentine's Day playlist this year, based on on the kind of mood I was in...

If I was feeling sad, bitter & lonely, my playlist for V-Day would look like this...

Trey Songz- Black Roses
Michael Jackson- She's Outta My Life
John Mayer- Love Song For No One
Andre 3000- She Lives In My Lap
Alicia Keys- Love Is Blind
Pharcyde- Passin Me By
Justin Timberlake- (Another Song) All Over Again
Shai- If I Fall In Love Again
112- Cupid
Eamon- F*ck it
KanYe West- Heartless
Al Green- How Do You Mend A Broken Heart
...and most of the Maxwell's Blacksummers'night album.

If I got to spend the day with my crush/valentine I would play...

Bob Marley- Is This Love
Common- Love Is
Zapp & Roger- Computer Love
Andre 3000- Prototype
Jamie Foxx- Love Brings Change
Drake- Best I Ever Had
ATCQ- Bonita Applebum
Robin Thicke- Wanna Love You Girl
T-Pain- Can't Believe It
Ghost Town Dj's- My Boo
KiD CuDi- Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part 1)
Michael Jackson- Baby Be Mine
Common- Come Close
John Legend ft. Andre 3000- Green Light

Finally, if I was with "that special someone" the mood would be set with these songs ...

Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name
Omarion- Wet
Twista- Yellow Light
Usher- Can U Handle It
Ne-Yo- Say It
The Dream- Falsetto
The Dream- Sweat It Out
Ginuwine- Pony
Drake- A Night Off
Day 26- Babymaker
Keith Sweat- Nobody
Blackstreet- Deep

I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day... whether you are alone, with your crush/valentine or "that special someone", go out and have a good time

I previewed some of those songs on my 2/12/10 show from 8-10pm if you missed what I played click here.
If that is not enough for you, I did a Valentine's Day Mix last year. So you guys can enjoy some good tunes if you download it.

I hope to continue blogging on a regular basis and put up podcasts of my shows when that situation gets straightened out.

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Generation Y(ellow) said...
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Generation Y(ellow) said...

what playlist do you play if you're not bitter, sad, or lonely, but alone?

I will be mixing above lists.

DJ NY said...

I guess you play normal music then. lol j/k ...Enjoy!!!

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