Happy New Year, You Assholes

Posted 1/04/2010 by WHayes in Labels: , , , , ,
Hello everyone, and welcome back from the Christmaeidhanakwanzika break that seemed to linger on forever. We'll be ramping back up to our normal schedule this week, and to celebrate that fact, I'm making a sweet potato pound cake. I couldn't tell you why I'm doing this, other than that I saw the recipe on NPR, and I happened to have some extra sweet potatoes lying around.

I think I should put banana in it. How do you feel about that? It could work, but then it could also backfire miserably. Why not just make banana bread and the pound cake? Why do I have to be such a choosy asshole? I'm gonna go pick some pecans out of my yard now to use for the topping.

Update (1:44pm): After about 90 minutes of mixing the batter (by hand, I really need a mixer), I finally put this beast in the oven.

Update (2:04pm): This cake smells ridonkulous already.

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