Blue Moon

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When a month is graced with two full moons, the second one is called a blue moon...the once in a blue moon blue moon. The blue moon cycle is 2.72 years, making it a special, if not rare or unexpected occasion. The last blue moon month was May 2007 and the next will occur in August 2012.

So, it's particularly cool that we had not only a 100% full moon for New Years Eve moving into 2010, but it was also a Blue Moon. For those of us who have spiritual or ritualistic leanings, this was "meaningful" in whatever way our heart or mind took us to it. I like to leave occurences like this filled with meaningful mystery. It appeals to my sense of wonder at the convergence of nature and coincidence (co-incidence,) Nothing being a coincidence. Oracles.On a big scale, like full blue moons on New Year's Eve, and on the small scale, like the way it works in our day to day lives....if we pay attention to it. More and more I'm noticing the way moments and experiences seem to have a lovely connectedness or flow to them. The outcome of watching life on earth more as an ever mysterious, wondrous dance, is allowing me to feel freer within my skin and heart. Breathing easy. In and out...out and in.

On a practical note, this photo was taken on the night of 1.1.2010. There was a cloud cover here on NYE. I photographed the rising moon just outside my front door, looking over the fence to my left. With the naked eye, the ring was slightly visible, but leaving the shutter open for about 30 sec. gathered it into it's present form in the image. I did a second frame at a much shorter exposure to define the moon's shape, and layered into the final picture.

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