Creativity on Demand

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It's been decided that Thursday is gonna be the day to post photography; it's good to have a guide line to try to stick with. Discipline is good; I don't have a day job so things can get a bit drifty unless I create order. But, what about coming up with stuff on demand?

That's the fun of the process.

David Lynch, the eccentric director of the tv program Twin Peaks a million years ago, Eraser Head, Blue Velvet, Mulhollen Drive and other films, has a theory about creativity that I like a lot.
He says that ideas are like fish swimming in the ocean...all you have to do is go fishing. Yup, drop your line down there and pull up an idea. The best fish swim deep down, so you gotta get down there for the best ones. He meditates regularly, oh by the way. You can find some interviews with him on YouTube. I still don't know how to link sites, so sorry about that. I also came across his book about this when I was at City Lights Bookstore in SF last month. I forget the title, but it's probably at the big bookstores or Amazon too.....I'm not gonna do your research for it, 'cause, again, I can't link you up anyway. I promise I'll learn how to do it soon. How can one call themselves a blogger without this basic skill?

Last year I came across a comic book software in my Mac....called Comic Life (Lite) that's fun to play with...the piece at the top came out of that. (My ex-husband, a "serious" artist, unlike the photographers in this world, warned me not to show anyone these that I call "Late Night Comics" at the risk of being deemed shallow....)

Honestly, I don't care, and find it really fun to combine photos and thought bubbles.

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