KiD CuDi aka The Man On The Moon

Posted 9/07/2009 by DJ NY in Labels: , , , ,
If you listen to hip-hop regularly, and did not know the name KiD CuDi, I would have asked you: where have you been the last two years? His singles "Day n Nite" and "Make Her Say" have been hits on the radio, and he has put out two of the most original mixtapes that I've ever heard, "A Kid Named Cudi" and "Dat Kid From Cleveland." CuDi is now promoting his album, "Man On The Moon: The End Of Day", which will be released September 15, 2009. The album leaked 2 days ago and I have to say that this album is one of the best of the year. His thought process and how he blended his singing and rapping makes this album unique and something that you can listen to from start to finish. I am proud of how CuDi has developed as an artist and I hope he continues to make good music. Here's a clip of him freestyling on Semtex.

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