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What it is Art Star Famiglia?
Woke up today to news that students at Howard were protesting student services. This got my mind working. So many times we spend more time talking about something than actually doing something about it.
Will this create a domino effect of students holding their administrations accountable? Who knows.
What I do know is this, every good movement needs a soundtrack. So this one's for you, HU:

MMM Black Rage at its finest...

When I think of the current landscape in Hip-Hop, I'm left asking the same question P.E posed:


Lots of folks are excited about Blueprint 3 and Only Built for Cuban Linx 2 but Jay and Rae aren't known for their social commentary.

Don't get me wrong, those brothers are witty and two of the best to ever do it but I'm talking about emcees that hold their listeners accountable. That's where Killer Mike comes in...

The realest thing he ever wrote.
I've recently begun listening to Frank Sinatra.* Makes little difference to me if I'm a good 60 years behind pop culture. The brother is incredible. I have little doubt that he will enter my personal pantheon of iconic musicians.** It is amazing to witness a Yankees win and hear "New York, New York" but I've been recently touched by the song "That's Life". If 2009 has been a rough year for you, or if you're ever in a tough spot, put this song on for some inspiration.

For more upliftment, I recommend the reggae soulstress Queen Ifrica. Montego Bay, her latest effort, is full of positive vibes. One of my favorite records is "Lioness on the Rise".

Lastly, Tarrus Riley does justice to Michael Jackson's timeless record, "Human Nature." It has to be a testament to the song's greatness that both Tarrus Riley and John Mayer's covers are just as enjoyable as the original.***

It wasn't until after MJ passed that I realized this song is all about him having a night out in NYC. With that, enjoy the Labor Day weekend.****
*If you want the connection and think it was a random transition. Go back and listen to the beginning of the Killer Mike song...slowly.

**A blogpost to be saved for rainy days.

***I'm willing to admit that that's a stretch but I like the covers so please, forgive the hyperbole.

****I'll be on the Parkway with my JA flag representing!

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