Weekly Concerts Are Nice

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Heading to some local venues but can't decide who to see. I trust the Art Star audience to guide me in the right direction! Help me out!

Date: Jul 1, 2009
Headliner: The Fuzztones
Venue: The EARL

Headliner: Tiny Vipers (sub pop) w/ Balmorhea
Venue: 529

Headliner: The Forty-Fives w/ Ty Segall
Venue: The EARL

Date: Jul 2, 2009
Headliner: Mama's Love
Venue: Smiths Olde Bar

Headliner: T-Model Ford
Venue: Smiths Olde Bar

Headliner: The Black Lips & special guests
Venue: The EARL

Please help a brother out!

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PicturesqueMusiq said...

Thanks Matt for linking the bands up for me!
Still need input!!!! I gotta see a show tonight or tommorow. I'm getting a little cabin-music fever.

Peter said...

T Model Ford has the best name... I'm voting for them

George said...

The Black Lips because as quoted "They have answered it [meaning of life] for every shit-assed, burned-out brat that staggers out of the suburbs."

WHayes said...

so what'd you pick, man??

PicturesqueMusiq said...

Unfortunately I didn't get to double dip and go out both nights. But I did get out for the Tiny Vipers, Balmorhea, and others show!

Next time Model T and Black Lips are in town I guarantee a visit!

Post to come this next week!

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