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How do they do it?

How does Snapple keep coming with these exclusive flavors?

They tell you on the bottle about how rare these fruits are (for example: I had Peach Mangosteen today. Never even heard of Mangosteen before! Allegedly, at least according to the bottle, Queen Victoria would offer knighthood to anyone who could get her one.) and yet still they sell thousands of bottles!

I got one in Penn Station today for $1.75, that's practically free in Manhattan prices!

Some of y'all are gonna think I'm trippin' but the question still remains: With Snapple claiming to have all natural ingredients, and boasting such variety with these exclusive fruits, how do they do it? Is there some deforestation afoot? And who is picking these fruits?

We need some answers!

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DJ NY said...

lol @ "free in Manhattan prices"

WHayes said...

well the fruit is picked via slave labor, and the flavors themselves come from a special brand of voodoo they practice on the industrial farms. sacrifice a goat? sacrifice a goat.

CtotheB said...

If this is true, then Snapple has more slaves then Wal Mart

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