St. Nick

Posted 3/24/2009 by ro in
I was in Austin all last week for SXSW mostly for work and music, but I was able to catch my friend's film, St Nick. The film follows two runaway kids surviving in the plains of Texas. They sleep outside in the brush, squat in an empty, dilapidated house, and crash in an old abandoned church. All of their experiences and discoveries are beautifully captured. Everything from the length of the frame shot to the use of sound was vital in opening a window into the lives of this brother and sister and how they deal with the day to day.

I must admit I was a little uncomfortable during most of the film because I never ran away when I was a kid. I constantly would remind myself how lucky I thought I was safe and sound at my parent's with a roof over my head and a belly full of food. I definitely think I would struggle a lot more than these kids do if I were running away.

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