SOB - Son of Bob.... no - South of - Smith's Olde Bar!

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As I continue on in my quest of finding the perfect venue, I've moved on to another stronghold in the Atlanta music scene. OK, maybe I'm not searching for a perfect venue, cheapest beer-maybe, but I am looking for who creates the best feel for a band no matter the turnout or music style. The stairs up to the second floor stage is a hallway of posterific madness. A gallery of graphic design crammed into a 23 stair corridor. Glorious. Entering the stage area, a disappointing setup for those arriving late or in the middle of a show because they have to cross in front of the seated crowd in the back to get to perimeter seating. However, the bar is miraculously in the same room as the show (point SOB - sorry DU). After taking a seat with my lovely date in the perimeter seating during the first show, we sat back and watched the Javelins.

Off of Suburban Sprawl, the Javelins are touring machines and made it down to Atlanta en route to SXSW. After touring a while with Anathallo and others, they have settled in with their fellow palm pointers for a unique mixture of fun and technical quality. I have a confession. Bands with drummers as primary vocals, really hit me in the right spot. Ergo, something stuck with me about these guys. The vocals were never whiny, but still raspy and in the upper ranges for a passionate and poignant message.
As for the synth/keys, it's different. As I'm listening to the myspace page as a bit of a refresher, there is some repetition that edges on natty. Still, they come together in a natural way. Much like the bands in the last post, these guys could use a little energy and team power (yea, captain planet style).
SXSW will be a great outlet for them. Like I said, they are a touring machine and I think they will bust on the national indie scene in a few months. Best of luck to ya.

Next up... The Hard Lessons.
Smith's curtains, electronically retractable, ripped apart as the first cord hit and from that point, I never wanted it to stop.
Recently married, Augie (dude at the top of the page) and Korin (dudet pounding the keys), commanded the stage, the crowd and their craft. After their second or third song, they collected the crowd for a classic "quick two clap" for the middle of their refrain. It worked for some of the song but after the plugs were pulled and they went acoustic, everyone tuned in to the chorus and begin to meld into the band. The next song... a rock anthem. Augie requested that everyone come up to the stage and take part in this next one as he dedicated it to us. It was a call to not let rock die and let the world know that The Hard Lessons are going to do their part to keep it alive. Whew. Made me smile.

At about 10:10, the stage manager let the band (oh yea, they've got a new drummer that hasn't learned all the songs-more to come) know that they still had 20 minutes on their set. It caught them by surprise and took two requests plus one they had on the list. Two strong songs and then the closer was a doozy. Finishing with the request that they took on reluctantly because their drummer didn't know it, Augie moved to the drums and their drummer moved by us in the audience. After a confession that he had only performed the song 4 times, it left us curious for the possibilities of flopping on the last song. No chance. I couldn't be more impressed with his ability to step in and nail the song.

Overall the best show I've seen thus far in Atlanta. A must see if you're headed to SXSW. Enjoy the pics and check out the bands!

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spymagnet said...

Thanks for posting this link on my blog!

I still love The Earl the best. Mostly because I dig the bands that play the earl a lot more than I dig the bands that play smiths. The Earl has a bar in the music room as well ;)

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