Moments vs. Memories

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Blogging, like many forms of entertainment in our culture, forces contributors to make a firm decision. 

Hot or substance? But above all else, can I stay relevant?!

Once upon a time, being hot meant people thought about you this month. But with the oversaturation of media, you're lucky to be the biggest story of the day. 

Who am I kidding? Unless you are the leader of the free world, you're gonna need to do something pretty outrageous, otherwise nobody is checking for you.

And maybe that is what we need, a collective exhale and repudiation of the current state of affairs. With billions of media outlets, blogs, twits, and those loathed facebook "25 random things about me" notes, everyone is trying to get their voice out.

But, like that angry little kid in the Incredibles once opined, if everyone is special, then no one is.

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WHayes said...

Shit, man. Does this mean we're approaching a cultural/generational tipping point where everyone just says fuck it and stops giving a shit about everything? on one hand, I'd approve, as it would mean the death of reality TV, entertainment "news," and unearned Myspace/YouTube celebrity, but on the other, what happens then?

The generation raised by the 60's failed their children. The peace and love was just flash, no substance. As a result, in the 70's, that same generation dropped the ball and let the gov't grab their kids by the throat and crack down on their drugs, their love, their welfare, their schools, and their health. Are we approaching a similar threshold now?

DJ NY said...

lol...this is so true!!!

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