5 Picks and a Picture: February

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Variety is the spice of pizzas, ice cream, and apparently life. I enjoy all of the above. With the popcuts segments, that is going to be the idea. We're open to the lowest of low country folk and the highest caliber of hard hitting hip hop. All of the songs are only found at Popcuts. It is highly suggested you check all of the artists out on their MySpace pages. Let's Begin!

The Rescues: Two guys, two girls and a hot sound. L.A. natives with a folky hitch in the trunk. Four individually successful multi-talented musicians have teamed up for an incredible compilation of flowing voice. With a gestalt philosophy, they come together with a purpose of bringing out the best in eachother.

My First Earthquake: Three guys, and a chika and more Cali style indie pop. Incredibly similar to NewYoungPonyClub, this quartet pumps cheeky lyrics with a flirty instrumentals. A great band for road trips and the confused.

Young Pflames: From the hip hop capital of the mid-mid-west, Omaha, this emerging artist is rising with style and humor. In "Can't Get Right," he pokes at the use of autotuners and then rocks it hard. His beats are moderate and original but not what makes him shine. Give a listen and you'll understand what's seperating him from the pack in Nebraska and what is moving him into the national spotlight.

Red Light Knights: This was the first song requested via the Art Star:PopCuts Series, great pick CC. A southern rock feel that is full and mature, pairs guitars with vocals occastionally twangy vocals drives home emotion and sensations.

Dean Walker: I love the description: "The Pistols with the angsty melodics of Gen X and 999. Clever stuff, but most of all compellingly, infectiously loud." The angsty feel floats in and out of his songs but finds a way to be often appropriate. If you're frustrated at life, put it on, and the dynamic rhythms will take you away from your world and ease you back, fresh and renewed.

Enjoy and be sure to support the artist at PopCuts.

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Michael said...

The Rescues are great! I saw them at a party in Charlotte and was floored by their greatness. Even though the weather was cold, their music warmed my heart... or was that the chili?

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