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The Roseburys copy


name: the roseburys

members:  dominic (g-tar & vox), jordan (vox), tom (bass) and kurt (drums)

hometown: oldham/manchester, united kingdom

label:  unsigned

label type:  unsigned

myspace visits:  3877

myspace friends: 545

my take on the roseburys:


these guys are sprightly new rockers rising up in the madchester area not too far across the pond.  as this is my first foreign band interview, it created great situations of telecommunication mysteries and obstacles to overcome. 


in no way are these the rockers of the madchester era, but they do bring their youth, their partying attitude, and british roots to create "punk melodies clashing with a new indie wave."  rolling through their music is a trip down pub nights of the past and general british culture.  english fun is a wonderful ode to the nightlife of the youth and late-into-the-a.m. sensational behavior.  other songs like miss fame have the driving beats that you hear from modest mouse with a twang in their lyrical rhythm similar to the offspring (that's a blast from the past, ladies and gentlemen). 


ROSEBURYS- Doing the spin cycle

Who would win in a fight between the duo of The Beatles (circa 1967) and Bob Dylan vs. David Bowie and The Beach Boys?
The Beatles and Bob Dylan, those Chelsea boots can do some serious damage.

If you were a sticky note what would you be stuck to and what would it say?
It would be stuck to the fridge and it would say 'drink beer'.

What is your favorite milkshake flavor?

Favorite Band Live:
Kasabian, Amy Winehouse, Dr. Feelgood

Favorite Band to open up for and/or that has opened for your.
To open for The Go! Team would be amazing

Favorite instrument that you do not currently play
Definitely the oboe

In the 2008 election, what issue do you feel is the most important?
How much will beer price increase.

How did your band come up with the name?
The surname of 1 of our friends that sounded cool.

What artist is currently revolutionizing music (other than yourself, of course)?
Were liking the mass of other decent bands coming out of Manchester at the moment (check out The Whip).

From what do you draw musical inspiration?
Everyday life and own our imagination.

What music did your parents expose you to in your youth?
Punk such as the Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, The Clash. Michael Jackson (when he was good circa the Bad album), cheesy 90s pop music.

How did the band get together? If too complicated, was there a comical story in the progression of the band?
Jordan and the orginal drummer asked Dominic (guitar) and his bassist friend if they wanted to join a band, the former and latter accepted and the Roseburys were born. However, in persuit of perfection drummers and bassists have come and gone and now we have the correct musically concentrated elements for the perfect band.

What was the toughest decision you have had to make as a band? How did you come to that decision?
In regards to getting a new bassist and sacking the old bassist. It was tough as he was a friend but he wasn't pulling his weight, we came to the right desicion in the end.

First Instrument:

Favorite Venue to play at:
Jacksons Pit, Oldham, Greater Manchester

At what moment did you realize you wanted to do live music?
When we were born, music is the central aspect in all our lives.

Most embarrassing moment on stage:
When we played an outside fesitval and the heavy rain caused the power to cut out mid-way through our set. We had to stand there looking busy while the stage managers tried to get the power back up and running.

What are you looking forward to the most about this touring session?
Playing new venues and making new fans.

And finally, is there anything else that you would like to share with the Art Star audience?
Keep your eyes open as The Roseburys are coming across the pond to an American town near you!

help support the band. artstar does not get any money if you buy their songs or if you visit their link. we just want to make sure these guys stay well fed so they can keep producing greatness. enjoy and be sure to check out the link below:


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