A Call to end Flossin' (CtotheB's NBA Preview Part 3)

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For my Art Star pham that swear by urban dictionary, allow me to offer you a working definition fresh from the tap...

Flossin (v.)- To show off wealth or belongings

i.e Exactly what we don't need when the country (and the world) is chin-deep in a recession. 

Think of it this way...remember when you were in school and you took a test that seemed to punch your whole class in the throat? Then a couple weeks later, your professor announces the class average as a 77, which makes you say, "Well at least I wasn't the only one who thought it was hard," until you speak to that kid after class who says, "I didn't think the test was so bad. I got a 98!"

(If you were that kid, my apologies, your friends don't like you.)

This is the kind of behavior pro athletes, and especially NBA players, need to runaway from. Fans will be hardpressed to sympathize with players who demand trades this season. I can imagine the angry retorts of, "Wow, you don't like your job either? Join the club!" or "At least, you HAVE a job!" 

It can't be good for the psyche of fans to watch kids in their twenties, making millions, and complaining about it. When the economy was good, people found this to be annoying. I can only imagine the levels of anger people will exhibit over the season (realistically, next couple of seasons)  if ballers are whining, or get in the news of flossin.

That means an indefinite cease and desist on making it rain. No asking people if they've ever seen a Chevy with butterfly doors. They will only ask if you've ever seen a block with all the homes foreclosed. Imitation is the best form of flattery but when the ability to imitate is taken away, jealousy intensifies. 

So without further ado, lemme tell you who I have winning the Larry O'Brien in June. If you've been riding with this NBA preview, then you know I have the Celtics and the Lakers in the finals (how original of me...)

I hate to make a selection that a lot of people agree with--you always wanna be that dude who says, "I told y'all!" but remember, no more flossin--but it's gonna be hard for the Celtics and Lakers NOT to return to the Finals. 

The Celtics are still the best team in the East, by far, and may have a better record than last year. Granted they lost Posey, but their team philosophy (UBUNTU) makes me feel like they will restructure as a team in order to make up for Posey's absence. Besides, another year of the Big 3 together, don't tell me they won't be even more fired up to put up an 18th banner.

On the West side of things, Kobe's wrath alone should propel the Lakers into the finals. Luckily for them, Bynum is healthy and chemistry should allow Gasol and company to gel with what should be a brilliant year for Kobe. 

So there you have it, thanks for reading this NBA preview, and as Jay-Z once told Jim Jones, "let the games begin..."

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Jarrod Halsey said...

Feeling the blog my dude. You gotta figure out how to get the posts to the top of the page. I'm sure you're working on it, but a friendly reminder never hurts.

Celtics/Lakers finals? No way. Ray Allen is done and with so many Eastern Conference teams re-tooling their front lines to deal with the fact tha KG hasn't lost a step, there isn't enough perimeter defense in the world to stop the uptempo game that most of the NBA has shifted to.

As far as the West goes, if Yao and McGrady stay healthy, Artest will gladly take a 4-game suspension to ensure a Kobe injury during a Lakers-Rockets early playoff matchup.

Kobe will NEVER win another championship.


Knicks in the playoffs? Drugs are bad. Ummkay.

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