Wachovia Goes Down! DOW Goes Down! Bailout Goes Down!

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Bob Dylan once sang "The Times They Are A Changin"

Well it was to my surprise to see this morning that Wachovia had sold its banking operations to Citigroup.

Now a lot of my people work at Wachovia headquarters in Charlotte, and I called some of them to see if they will still have jobs - at this time no one knows but let's just say I am already forwarding resumes.

Then it was on to the big news of today - the House vote on the Bailout.

I listened to the speeches on CSPAN. I watched as the vote started.

It looked pretty good.

Then it looked terrible.

Right then the DOW started tanking.

It was crazy watching as the Nays were gaining and the DOW was falling to -674 points.
(updated 4 p.m. DOW Drops 777 Points)

I started getting those "is this it?" goosebumps.

Everything is still in flux right now.

But this is very important to every American.

Stay tuned.

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la_noyée said...

Dude, I saw that on the news and I flipped. 700+ freakin' points in a single day? Ugh. It's sick.

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