Let Me Introduce Myself...

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As an attempt to shake out my braincells quivering from too much listening and reading and watching the political, economic and world situation bouncing off walls, I've decided to begin what will be ongoing posts of my two cents (before inflation) worth of ideas and whatever else on photography, and probably some whatever else meanderings, as well. We'll see.

I've been shooting photos for over 30 years, for lots of different reasons. For the last 3 years I've been shooting a series at night called "Lifting the Veil of Night." (I'll do written rap that goes out on the press release, some other time.) You can take a look at my website if you care to.... http://www.ellengiamportone.com

I'm sure we all have our reasons for picking up a camera instead of a pen or laptop to write about it, or make music about it, or just go through our moments and experiences of life with no need to record, or impose, or extract. Some of us are just driven from within to "do" certain things, with or without or ego as the push. Let's leave that last thought for another post.....anyway, I'm one of those folks who always keeps a camera around, which is easier being a woman who carries a shoulder bag. Hmmm, when I was asked to write for this blog, particularly because I'd bring a female voice to a mostly male undertaking, I wasn't sure how that would manifest, but here it is already.... I can easily have my camera handy, because I carry a purse! Unless the male photographers want to stuff a little camera into their jeans, or use a back pack all the time (or Man purse) women shooters may be at an advantage here when just wandering around in daily life. Certainly, most everyone has their cell phones, so nothing will go unrecorded, but the quality may suffer. But really who cares....(raw gut shots can be great too) That thought then leads to making decisions as to why and what we take pictures of or intentionally make images.....My generation (gawd, here's where I'm old) wasn't born into the electronic age, where now nothing seems to happen without pictures to prove it. I think I'll mostly concentrate on photography as something done with intention....whatever that means to each of us.
I keep this postcard on my bulletin board as a reminder to not take any of this too seriously, but to also respect my own creative vision and stay honest.....

It's too nice outside this afternoon to spend anymore time in here.....until next time.....


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Radagast said...

Hey Ellen,

Can you 'mail me (you can find my address on my profile). I've a favour to ask; or, as I said to Tracy Wilson-Tucker, an offer to make, I not sure which!

Anyway, it's a fun thing, which I could do with your input on.


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