Still Palin: A special episode of "Knowing when you've lost"

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Though our attention is rightfully attuned to the dire state of our economy, nothing frightens me more when the people in charge, or in this case, potentially a "72 year old's heartbeat" away, don't know what's going on. It takes me back to childhood moments and the sense of peace that parents and all good guardians aim to provide. Even if they are freaking out, they must maintain stability. My Mom was unemployed for over a year and never let me feel the brunt of our situation. I couldn't imagine how scared I would have been if my Mom demonstrated a clear inability to deal and eventually overcome our circumstance.

Which brings me to Sarah Palin and her bizarre interview with Katie Couric. She reminded me of someone who had to give a presentation for class but forgot to read the book. Or maybe only read the back cover description and thought they could "wing it." Pulling words out of the air might work in your tenth grade English class, but this is straight embarrassing...

Matter of fact, Fareed Zakaria politely remarks that she needs to do herself a favor and bow out gracefully:

It probably took Tina Fey twelve minutes to write this sketch, half of which was merely copying down what Palin actually said:

Not everybody is laughing though. Matter of fact Jack Cafferty is righteously indignant. He might even slap somebody! Watch Wolf try to keep him cool at the end though...

You might think this is all exaggeration. Perhaps people are sexist, or the liberal media is at it again. Fine, suit yourself. But watch these clips and tell me you feel comfortable with her as second in command. I dare you to tell me that she sounds like someone who has a mere understanding of what we're going through.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Watch CBS Videos Online

Economics are probably the least understood aspect about our society so I can kind of understand Sarah's struggle. But I'm not trying to be Vice President of the United States right now. And if I were, please believe I would be well versed in what exactly we were going through so that I could sound intelligent and be a legit agent of change.

I'd love to hear from McCain supporters--if we haven't scared all y'all away--what are you thinking right now about Gov. Palin's blunders?

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N. Steven said...

I wonder if you meant to post that interview twice...I guess people wouldn't believe it the first time around.

*starts packing bags to move to Canada...just in case*

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, the interviews were a joke! In prescripted speechs, written by someone else, and read from a teleprompter, she is actually coherent. Leave her on her own and things downhill REAL fast! If she is the first major decision that John McCain makes...I cringe at what he might do as President.


arvillah said...

I think Gov. Palin is an example of big fish in small pond that gets recruited by 72 year old frog prince to "shake things up in Washington." I get the feeling that McCain is one of those "big risk, big reward" type of guys. But this time, its just not working out. Palin's biggest problem is that she hasn't mastered the delicate art of bullshitting. You will never see Obama or McCain get cornered or unable to answer a question (while becoming increasingly adorable)-- because they are well versed in B.S.
Despite the liberal media or sexism or the so-called "leftist elite," she still sucks. You can put lipstick on a pig but...

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