September and More Great Slam Poems

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Because before a lot of people started reading this blog, and we got those weird Scientology ads, the idea was just to have a place where we could share stuff with each other - without having to actually make paragraphs.

Below is Buddy Wakefield

Anis Mojgani below. His third poem "Shake The Dust" is what's really good.

And all of this spoken word has made me want to write a poem on the page. Yep I still do that :)


Steve’s gone to Panama, looking for canals

digging for his birthright, losing himself

in the jungle, only to emerge dressed in white.

Cart’s gone to Mexico De Efe, to fall

in love and translate the law –

so Texas will be even sweeter:

cracked in two, seeping cactus juice.

Waites’ gone to Spain, Park to China,

Matt’s in Hollywood, because what binds us

together is greater than our distance apart.

And even you, my dear Giaco,

are in Argentina – speaking Lunfardo;

eating frutilla and Choripan.

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