Damn-it, Sarah...

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Watch it and die laughing.

Meanwile, on another news program, across the universe of space and blog, one of the female pundits on The Situation Room, suggested that male media/politicians may have to tip toe around Sarah Palin when it comes to questioning her on the issues, so that her gender doesn't become an issue.

Fuck that shit; she's a candidate for the vice presidency, and that aint' Kansas anymore.

The fact is, that if John McCain dissolves into a puddle of disesae, it'll be Sarah Palin that will have to stand up to Vladimir Putin (the most gansta man in politics), to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to Kim Jong-il, and everyone else she named in her "dictated, not-read" speech the other night.

While we should be conscious of our behavior toward the potential veep, we can't slip into giving her a free pass out of the fear we may fall into the dreaded "s-word." If the "pitbull" can't hang, fuck her.

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