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brendan benson (bb) is a little rough around the edges. not necessarily in his singing style or his playing ability (both of which are stellar) but his commitment issues. ladies don't freak out, i'm sure he loves to settle down with the double x chromosomes but he's got issues settling down with bands.

as a member of the raconteurs (it's a sweet site check it) he rocked out with the likes of jack lawrence, patrick keeler, and the infamous jack white (who also has some band commitment hang ups). bb continues to seek a side career as a solo artist while he helps out with up and coming bands like the greenhornes, the whirlwind heat, the waxwings, the muldoons, and most recently, the stooges song "free and freaky."

get slimed with bb's jam and if that nasty gak get's in your mouth, just spit it out.


Brendan Benson

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