my olympic heroes: part 2 - 300 meters

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Jan Frodeno

you could see it on his face, "i'm holding this pace. hey is that the reigning world champion? hey, is that my fellow german that always beats me? hey, i'm going to do this." truly a race of a life time for jan frodeno. give the site a look-over. the sponsors and "erfolge" may be a bit boring and in german, but the olympic slide show is quite moving.

as a beginner triathlete, i was thoroughly impressed with the entire field. each leg, was completed with only slight variations in times and great composure was held on all of the athletes faces. the slight differences in each of the events represented slight differences in training, mental strength, the athlete's diet 2 days ago, and who ends up running or cycling beside them to push them or pull them along. in frodeno's case all of these were what he needed. he tapered correctly, trained his butt off, and found the top group for the cycling and running to push him through and draft off of.

hats off to you jan frodeno. this race was indeed your biggest swim, biggest bike and without a doubt greatest run (the last 300 meter sprint simply amazing) of your life. enjoy your gold medal and i look forward to seeing your success in the years to come.

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CtotheB said...

I want an article on Usain Bolt!

PicturesqueMusiq said...

u sane?... i sane.... we sane with usain bolt. part 3 is coming... there's one event that must happen first.

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